TC intelligent pump for the ceramic industry

TC intelligent pump for ceramic industry

TC intelligent pump for ceramic industry

We are excited to share a very successful story! One of the ceramic industry leaders had a hard time finding an appropriate pump for their production line. They tested solutions from a few brands but nothing met their requirements until they did run Tapflo TC50 intelligent pump fitted with the LEAP® technology.

In the tested application, the pump transfers ceramic glaze from the container directly to the robot which sprays the glaze on the bathroom’s ceramics like sinks, toilet bowls etc.

Our client was astonished by the smooth operation, low pulsation, noise and air consumption reduction. It is worth to mention that the pump was tested with an air flow meter and TC50 consumes 60% less air than direct competitor!

Upon testing the client ordered 5 more of TC50 pumps for the other machines.

Should you need similar solution or tailored to your specific needs please contact us at sales@tapflo.com or contact your local Tapflo dealer: http://tapflo.com/en/contact


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